What fits inside a PACKPACK?

Kid Packs: Dimensions are 5" in length, 3 1/2" in height with 1 3/4" depth. What fits inside is up to your kid! The kids create their world. Testimonials of PACKPACK contents from our community include but are not limited to: "spy supplies", "transformers", "face masks", "Magic the Gathering", "sticks", "boogers" + "a modest banana".

Adult Packs: Dimensions are 6" in length, 4" in height with 1 3/4" depth. What fits inside is up to you! Special treasures that remind you of what you love like a small photograph, a stone, favorite chocolate, any needed bling. And the necessities: phone, keys, cards. I always carry my phone, keys, cash/cards in a clip + sunglasses.

Are PACKPACK products machine washable?

Yes. Washing instructions are machine wash COLD then hang dry.

How will I know if the PACKPACK will fit my kid?

Kid Packs: Belts are adjustable up to 27" waist. Measure around the fullest part of their belly, if it measures 27" or under, the PACKPACK will fit them.

Adult Packs: Belt 1 extends to 42" + Belt 2 extends to 60". Plz contact us if you want a custom longer belt option.

How fast do you ship?

95% of orders are processed + shipped next day through USPS. Tracking link is emailed to you.

How can I process a return?

We want your satisfaction. If you are unhappy, we accept returns on all unused products within 15 days. Plz email brookelagrand@packpackworld.com for further instructions.