Living in a virtual world disembodies us from the grounding nature of touch. The trend of mass-produced consumerism disconnects us from the hands and hearts who made them. And yet, we all long for more connection -  to our material goods, to others and to Mother Earth.

Our mission at PACKPACK is to uplift our spirits with the tactile joy of textiles. We offer artisanal and functional keepsakes that are handcrafted locally by hardworking hands in Pittsburgh, PA.

May PACKPACK bring great textural style, ease on-the-go and honor for Mother Earth.


We source our textiles from Fabscrap - a recycling plant that reclaims fashion industry, designer textiles destined for the landfill.

Instead of producing from new raw materials, we use what already exists in the world to transform them into artisanal, functional keepsakes.

Our textiles are rich and colorful. They add artful dimension to our style.

We are zero-waste which means that our PACKPACK pattern cuts the textile in such a way that produces no leftover scraps.

When we carry PACKPACK, we feel connected to beautiful textures and meaningful consumerism.

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Meet the hands and hearts of PACKPACK. The craft of textile and sewing is a deep love for each of us. We continually refine PACKPACK based on the needs of our community. What joy it brings to hear people exclaim "I love PACKPACK beyond words!!!"

We are based in Pittsburgh, PA. Bustling with artists and winding roads, this charming, hilly city that has 446 multi-colored bridges, a deep history of the steel industry and the rich memory of Mister Rogers neighborhood.

From start to finish, the process of making PACKPACK is conscious of impact + infused with joy. Thank you dearly for being a part of our work and community.

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