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Brooke LaGrand started PACKPACK with the idea of self-explorations to find wonder in the world. She paints the custom fabric prints + designs the packs in her home studio in Pittsburgh, PA.


Our fabric mill, Carr Textile is family run business established in 1973 + based in Missouri. They provide us with rich, durable organic cotton + custom printing using inks which are non-hazardous, non-toxic + 100% biodegradable.

Our local, partner factories: Sew Co (North Carolina), Sew Forward (Pittsburgh) + Why Sew (Pittsburgh) beautifully sew up our large production runs.

Our shipping supplier, Eco Enclose is one of the leaders in our "new economy where you buy less because you buy better".

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Animation: Nicholas Dennis

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PACKPACK champions you to explore wonder in the world with packs that are beautifully + responsibly made. 

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