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PACKPACK is good biz



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PACKPACK is just part of my outfit. Minimal + stylish!


A fanny pack is used to carry what you need. PACKPACK is to carry what you want. My kids think of it like their very own treasure chest.

Matt C.

PACKPACKs are my favorite go-to gift for kids

Nina B.

It's perfect to use when I walk my dog.


Rowan stows his sunglasses in his PACKPACK + collects treasures from our nature walks to bring home. PACKPACK gives him independence, play + personal style!

Liz Montgomery Craig

Beautiful presentation + packaging! Great name too, my daughter Eva loves saying it "PACKPACK"!

Jen Jane Dohne

My 12 year old + 10 year old sons use their PACKPACKS to hold Magic the Gathering cards. And dog treats for walks with our dog Bird. They love their packs.

Erica Konopka

My son Luke has Type 1 Diabetes - PACKPACK fits him perfectly so he can wear his Dexcom CMG receiver around his waist.


"I got my 10 year old nephew Andrew the Devon PACK for Christmas. His birthday is coming up in February + when I asked him what he wants, he said 'another PACKPACK!' He's a big fan."

Teddy Schellenbach


Beautiful pictures by Tatiana Brenizer