PACKPACK is here to empower kids with products that are beautifully + responsibly made. By design, our products last throughout childhood so as consumers we can buy less, which suits both the earth + our wallets. All of our products are sourced + crafted in the USA with dignified labor.

Our partner factory Sew Co is based in North Carolina + participates in a community of makers on a circular model meaning all the waste is recycled + used in new creative ways by other industries. Our fabric mill Carr Texile is family run business established in 1973 + based in Missouri. They provide us with rich, durable organic cotton + custom printing using inks which are non-hazardous, non-toxic + 100% biodegradable. Eco Enclose, our shipping supplier based in Colorado, outfits us with all our packaging needs - they are the leader of our "new economy where you buy less because you buy better".

The creator, Brooke LaGrand, has taken her experiences living in South America + Spain, her 10 year job experience in the NYC fashion industry as well as being a Mother of two young kids + created PACKPACK world. She patterns + sews the prototypes, hand paints the fabric prints, communicates with our partner factory Sew Co. + Carr Textile, our fabric mill, ships out your orders, creates all the content + loves every moment of it. Thank you for joining this world with her. It is an honor to have you here.